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IUI or intrauterine insemination is a fertility treatment. It is done with or without the fertility drugs. The process comprises of transferring especially washed semen in the uterus through a thin catheter,which helps healthy sperm get closer to the egg.

The procedure is simple and it will be done in fertility clinic. If a sperm donor is used, the donor sperm will be prepared. If not, then your partner will come in the clinic and give a semen sample. The semen sample is attained via masturbation. If the partner is out of town or had difficulty to provide a sample in then your partner may provide semen before IUI day. In this case, the sample is frozen and will be thawed and prepared. Semen have more than one sperm. The doctor will put semen through the washing process. This takes the impurities and leaves only what’s required for conception.

For the procedure itself, you have to lie down on a table. Then, a catheter which is a small, thin tube is placed in the cervix. You can have mild cramping. The washed semen will be transferred in your uterus through the catheter. The doctor may ask you to remain lying horizontally after the procedure. In either case, you are not required to worry about the sperm falling out as the sperm are transferred directly in the uterus.

  • Unexplained infertility.

  • Male infertility.

  • Hostile cervical mucus.

  • If treatment with fertility drugs is not successful.

  • If sexual pain make intercourse not possible.

  • If a sperm donor is being used.