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Sep 28, 2022

“Oh, see she looks just like me.”, “We are proud of our child”, “this is the first time he said, mama”. Are these some of the conversations you are dreaming of? Are you eagerly waiting for the moment when you can hold your own baby in your arms? You have come to the right place. We here at Angel Healths will fulfil your dream of becoming a parent. Angel Healths, the best surrogacy centre in India, is now in Colombia.

Colombia is a country in northwestern South America. Colombia, the only American country named after Christopher Columbus, the "discoverer" of the New World, is a remarkable study in contrasts, in both geography and society. Not only that, Colombia is now emerging as a hotspot for medical tourism. Let us find out why.


Surrogacy in Colombia has been gaining more and more popularity. It has become a favourite travel destination for medical tourism especially fertility tourism. There are various reasons for it. First of all, surrogacy is legal in Colombia for both its citizens and foreigners. Further, it is one of the cheapest countries for maternal surrogacy for gay couples and single parents.

Colombia has one of the best healthcare systems. It has ranked 22 out of the 191 countries by the World health organization (WHO). There are experienced doctors. Further, the 20 hospitals out of the top 50 are located in Colombia itself. All these first-class facilities are available at a very reasonable cost in Colombia. In surrogacy, the legal rules a regulation plays an important role. Let us dive deeper into the legalities related to surrogacy.


Yes. Colombia is one of the few countries where surrogacy is legal. The Colombian constitution does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or marital status. Their constitution grants full rights to the child born through Assisted Reproductive Technique, including surrogacy.

However, only gestational surrogacy is allowed and not the traditional form. In gestational surrogacy, the egg is not of the surrogate who gives birth to the child. Further,surrogacy has to be altruistic and not commercial. Nonetheless, the surrogate will be compensated for her service. However, who all can go for surrogacy in Colombia?


Along with legally married heterosexual couples, a gay couple, a single mother, or a man without a partner can go for surrogacy in Colombia. Article 100 of the Constitution of Colombia grants foreigners the same civil rights and guarantees as that of the citizens. The Colombian constitution is giving legal provisions for surrogacy but there are certain legalities that you need to follow. 


Even though surrogacy is legal in Colombia, there are certain requirements to be followed by both the parties, i.e., the intended parents as well as the surrogate: -

•    The intended parents are finding it difficult to conceive due to physiological problems. 
•    You might be asked to provide proof of their non-criminal background.
•    The intended parents also have to go through required medical examinations like the surrogate. 
•    Surrogacy should not be a traditional one, only gestational surrogacy is allowed. That means that the eggs are not of the surrogate mother. 
•    The surrogacy process is not commercial in nature. However, the surrogate will be compensated for her service. 
•    The surrogate mother must meet all the requirements including being physically and mentally fit to carry a child. 
•    The surrogate mother has to undergo required medical examinations before, during and after pregnancy. 
•    The surrogate cannot deny the delivery of the child after signing the surrogacy contracts and being implanted with the reproductive material. 
•    The only way the surrogate can terminate the pregnancy is if there is any medical complication in the pregnancy. 
•    The biological parents, once the contract is signed, under no circumstances can reject the child. 
•    After the birth of the child, the intended parents are required to register their name as legal parents on the birth certificate of the child. 


Before the surrogate goes in for the surrogacy process, she has to go through certain psychological and physiological assessments. It includes: -

•    Surrogates must have at least one child of their own with a history of complication-free, full-term pregnancies. 
•    They must be between the age of 21 and 37 years. 
•    She must have a decent level of education to make an informed decision.
•    Screening for any infectious disease or uterine receptivity. 

But one question is still unanswered, that what is the cost of surrogacy here? Let us find it together. 


Colombia is a very affordable surrogacy destination due to its low cost of living and the infrastructure of the public health care system. The complete program may cost somewhat between $ 65,000 to $100,000. 

Because of the low cost of living in Colombia, as well as many first-world infrastructure and medical facilities, affordable surrogacy is possible. Lower living costs imply lower fees not only for medical care but also for surrogate compensation. When the cost of living is taken into account, surrogates in Colombia earn the same or more than their counterparts in the United States.


Firstly, after the birth of the child, the birth certificate has to be made. Generally, the mother who gives birth is assumed to be the mother and her name comes on the birth certificate. However, in the case of surrogacy, the name of the birth mother can be replaced with that of the legal mother. 

Secondly, the parents have to go through a DNA test to prove that the child has no link with the surrogate. The child who is born in Colombia is eligible for Colombian citizenship and can possess a Colombian passport. With the passport, the child will be able to travel visa-free in many countries including the European Union. 

Thirdly, if you are a foreigner, you need to go through the exit process. It may take about 3 to 6 weeks to complete all the requirements. The exit process can depend on the efficiency of the embassy of your country. After the birth certificate is received, the legal parents then have to apply for citizenship of the baby based on the citizenship of the biological father. 

Now, we have seen the entire process of surrogacy in Colombia. However, you are still in doubt about which surrogacy centre you must go for. So, let us see why Angel Healths would be the first and the best option. 


Angel Healths is one of the top surrogacy centres in India. It provides world-class surrogacy services at an affordable cost. We have the best medical professionals and surrogacy agents on board with us. In Colombia, we even provide a legal representative for all the legalities that have to be fulfilled for the process of surrogacy. 

At Angel Healths, we provide guaranteed surrogacy programs. Our program includesthe medical consultation and procedures, the surrogate agency cost, legal representative and legal documents. Angel Healths has a high success rate and a low rate of multiple births. We believe that the surrogacy process should be ethical, legal and transparent. We abide by that motive of ours. You can come without any doubt toAngel Healths and get started with your beautiful journey towards parenthood. 

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