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Detail discussion about embryos and egg freezing

Detail discussion about embryos and egg freezing

Oct 07, 2022

Enjoying the cherished feeling of being a parent is a dream of every couple. The only difference is that some wish to wait by focusing on their career or wait for the right time. But the biological clock stops ticking according to age causing a few abnormalities. Women who like to get pregnant after a certain age can utilize a few assisted reproductive techniques like egg freezing or embryo freezing. With the help of the best IVF center in India, one can fulfill their dream when they are ready. Women looking to extend their childbearing years must look for the best infertility clinic and get positive results. 

Women who choose to get pregnant at a later stage can freeze their eggs following advanced reproductive techniques that are beneficial. Fewer eggs and low-quality eggs reduce the chance of getting pregnant due to which the process is to be done carefully. 


What is egg freezing?

As the name refers egg freezing is the process where women can preserve their eggs when they are healthy. The facility of freezing eggs is offered by several IVF centers that ensure the chances of a successful pregnancy. After a certain age or as women grow older the quality of the eggs degrades which may not support conceiving.

Seeking expert guidance, who is certified and follows a systematic procedure always shows the positive side of getting pregnant. 


• With expert support and advanced reproductive techniques preserving the egg properly is not tough. Following ultrasound, the experts securely remove the eggs which can be used later according to the procedure.

• In complicated cases, experts may go for abdominal surgery to secure the eggs. The egg quality will get low depending on a few factors, but the health of a woman’s uterus is always the same. The frozen eggs will be thawed and combined with sperm in the lab before implanting as it helps in achieving success rates.

• With stress, birth control pills, hectic lifestyle the regularity of the menstrual cycle is getting disturbed in several women. Suppressing the natural cycle reduces the chance of conceiving and even affects the health of the eggs. 

• Freezing of eggs is to be done with great care as the egg is full of water and the expert needs to separate it with extreme care. Before freezing eggs woman needs to undergo a few tests as the medical expert in IVF center understands the condition. 


Get the best IVF treatment in India from registered sources as they offer various facilities including safe as well as long-term storage. Looking for transparent services of egg freezing helps in gaining better results without causing any harm to fertility and enables having a biological child later.


How to decide?

It is a must to look for a registered infertility clinic where medical experts diagnose health issues and guide according. Storing the frozen eggs and embryos requires authorized banks and places with all medical facilities that are monitored timely. The experts at the best infertility clinic India offer complete fertility services with all lab facilities that ensure all frozen eggs, embryos and sperm are stored safely. But when people tend to change their mind frozen egg or embryo that is stored can be donated to people who are trying for a child or even for some medical purpose. 


What is freezing an embryo?

The procedure of freezing eggs and embryos is not the same as both have different specifications. Freezing eggs do not require sperm before starting the process, but freezing embryos require eggs that are fertilized sperms. Freezing embryos or cryopreservation is the process of storing eggs that are fertilized for later use under the supervision of a gynecologist or medical experts. To utilize the frozen eggs or embryos there is a need for a fertility specialist who takes proper as well as primary care. 


Modern science is supporting people in many ways, especially women who can seek fertility specialists and can proceed with the process of freezing eggs or embryos. The eggs released at initial ages are healthy and result in healthy pregnancy due to this one can preserve their eggs or embryos that can be utilized when required. With these fertility preservations, a woman can get pregnant even after getting any negative health conditions.