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Impact of Age and Repeated IVF Cycles on Pregnancy

Impact of Age and Repeated IVF Cycles on Pregnancy

Aug 12, 2022

Want to get pregnant at your 40(s), or facing problems with the natural method of pregnancy? This could be a severe problem because at that moment couple goes through various ups and downs with their emotions.

Its to be noted that making a decision on IVF i.e in-vitro treatment at later ages may be difficult for the health of the maternal side and also for the well-being of the child. It is a very courageous decision to have a baby at a late age. Apart from the age if any couple is facing other problems in conceiving then they also can go via IVF treatment and for that must understand the IVF cycles on pregnancy. here it clearly instructed that the IVF success rate is approximately 75% including the causes of what is a problem in the natural method of conceiving.


Factors Which May Affect the IVF Treatment


Before going for an IVF couple has to be clear about the consequences of the scientific method of conceiving. These questions were answered by Infertility doctors India, Well, here are some questions for the references which are frequently asked by couples.    Our discussion will revolve around these good questions asked by couples.


Impact of Age on Pregnancy?


It would be the central question of the above discussion. When a couple goes for an IVF treatment they must be aware of the age and its parallel consequences. We do know that the fertility rate decreases according to the age of the men & women.


hence, women should ideally be below 40 yrs and men should be below 50 yrs. Furthermore, it impacts of Age on Pregnancy predominant topic to make people aware of.


Close to Pregnancy complications - It's a fact that women are more fertile in their 20(s) but the problem may begin when she comes into their late 30(s) because from the age of 35 the quality of the eggs decreases and the risk of pregnancy complications may come forward.

The risk may include; miscarriages, chromosome abnormalities, placenta Previa, etc.


Apart from this, men’s fertility also matters in this case. We all do know that men’s fertility starts to decrease from their late 40(s) which causes the hiring risk in pregnancy. It may cause fetal death, miscarriages, and mental health disease in children.

Therefore, it's recommended that before going to IVF take a consultation with infertility doctors. we do have the best infertility doctors in India.

Birth Defects - it's well researched that birth defects are more in the old mother instead in young mothers. Why did this occurs in the old mother was the focal point? Here IVF center in India has groomed a lot because of the increasing awareness of IVF treatment and positive responses.


This occurs in the old mother because her egg age as she ages and older eggs are more prone to form more than one embryo or a few chromosomes which causes Birth Defects.


Now, it has been cleared from the above discussion that a couple’s age impacts the pregnancy hence,  before going for any scientific method of pregnancy must take the doctor's consultations.


How do repeated IVF cycles affect pregnancy?


The couple has been blessed with IVF treatment who are suffering from infertility which emerged as a life-changer theme for them.


In the research, it has been found that repeated IVF cycles can diminish ovarian reserves at a faster rate. Earlier doctors discourage women to go for more than 3-4 failed IVF cycles.


Now, the scenario has changed a bit.


But the question is what next after the repeated IVF cycles? Does it put any impact on pregnancy?


IVF may change the life of a couple but when the first, second, or even third IVF has failed how does it affect the pregnancy?


Mental imbalance - it may be a very sad moment for the couple after various trail. Women may suffer because of the hormones injected in her body which may gear the mental turbulence and body pain.


Apart from this, physicians may examine the issue of not getting conceived. If there is any problem with the fallopian tube or uterus they may prefer to change their diet and another lifestyle which may impact the pregnancy.


As of now, women may go for more than 6-7 IVF treatments if the embryo is well good and can be converted into a healthy baby.




IVF treatment is such a miracle but the success rate of this is between 50% to 60%. If the couple has aged and other problems are facing while conceiving. They might go for IVF under the instructions of the doctors. It is maybe fruitful for couples. infertility clinic India has also provided all sorts of facilities and treatment to the couple and made their dreams come true.