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7 things to know before a visit to the best IVF centre in India

7 things to know before a visit to the best IVF centre in India

Aug 02, 2022

Things are a taboo, but in purely medical terms, it is a boon. The boon having a baby is a gift for childless parents. It is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment, which is a blessing in disguise for those parents in their late 30s, unable to give birth to children. Though the IVF phenomenon is not new in the West, it is taking shape in India. A visit to the best IVF centre in India solves many questions you have regarding the treatment and techniques.

Any individual, in the beginning, finds himself at a crossroad. He cannot understand the Fertilisation process and what kind of treatment is needed.

Individuals often ask how to undergo IVF treatment and the different processes involved at an infertility clinic India. Before going further, there are certain things one should know to get a clear picture.

Top things to know about IVF treatment

1. Infertility is not new

One out of six couples is affected by infertility. It affects 40% of both sexes, but usually the numbers come to the fore when both 40% of males and females are unable to conceive. Five per cent of the infertile couple population turn to the best IVF treatment in India, with even fertile individuals pursuing IVF for several reasons like single women, same-sex couples, etc.

2. IVF is time-consuming

In the In Vitro Fertilisation treatment, eggs are fertilized after their removal from ovaries of a woman. The eggs are replaced in the womb after fertilisation of eggs outside the woman’s body. It can take a while, with the treatment duration quite lengthy. The entire process follows after the woman undergoes medication along with regular check-ups and scans for weeks before the actual process of collection of eggs takes place. But after the entire procedure, every patient can return to the top IVF centre in Delhi for the embryo that is transferred before returning to a pregnancy test. The duration of the entire treatment is 4-5 weeks.

3. Treatment cost and IVF cycle costs are different

One cannot compare the treatment costs with IVF cycle costs. For instance, the cycle cost includes egg collection, scans, embryo transfer, and embryology. The treatment consists of blood tests, techniques, and medication. It is advisable to ask a doctor for the full breakdown of costs before you start treatment.

4. Fertility declines with age

There is a higher success rate if the couple is young. Fertility in women usually declines at the age of 35 and accelerates through the 30s and 40s. By the early 40s, it is difficult and by 45 there are fewer treatment chances. The quality and number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries decline with age. Like a woman, a man’s sperm acquires different mutations, i.e. the sperm declines in quantity and quality.

5. IVF treatment has high success rates

Interestingly, the success rates of In Vitro Fertilisation are 35%. It means patients have to undergo several treatments before undergoing a successful pregnancy. With techniques fine-tuned and developed, success rates are improving with each passing day. Once you start fertility treatment, you must start a treatment course, not the treatment cycles alone. The entire medication will allow you to prepare mentally. At best, ask the best IVF doctor in Bangalore or Kolkata if there is any success in one cycle and if there is a success over the entire treatment course.

6. Frozen eggs are viable as the fresh ones

If you are in the commercial capital of India, ask an IVF specialist in Mumbai. He may suggest you that 12 frozen eggs for a woman under 35 years of age have a 50% chance of conceiving a baby through the fertility treatment.

7. Availability of additional techniques

Couples who undergo IVF treatment always wish to increase their success chances. Several techniques may improve chances. These include PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis), PGS (Pre-implantation Genetic Screening), and Embryo scope.


With the help of the abovementioned points, things can become easier with the IVF cycle lasting 4-6 weeks. In other words, it is a medical-driven treatment where the egg and sperms are mixed. It is the egg that selects the sperm, which later fertilizes it, and in the natural process, it takes at least 2-5 days in the body to fertilize the egg. The egg, fertilized is an embryo, is later put into the uterus. It ultimately leads to the birth of a baby.

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