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Aarogya Hospital - IVF Centre in Delhi

Aarogya Hospital

Patient recommendation : 97% Established In : 2000

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About Aarogya Hospital

Aarogya Hospital is the Top IVF centre in Delhi that aims at providing excellent services to their patients with the use of advanced technologies and ensuring the proper procedure for their treatment. With the specialized team of doctors and staff, they provide utmost care and attention to their patients and attend to their needs. The hospital doesn’t compromise with their patient’s health and strives to achieve better results to reach its maximum height. This multi-speciality hospital is situated in Chitra Vihar and developed by the Late Dr.K.P.S Verma awarded Padma Shri for catering the medical needs of their patients. The hospital is known for its quality and providing affordable facilities for the common man to guarantee humanity and equity in society.


Infertility is not a disease, but the lack of ability to reproduce even after having unprotected sex for an extended period of time. It occurs due to the factors that influence the risk of fertility and shared by both male and female factors. Therefore, Aarogya Hospital provides outstanding services to solve the issues of infertility of the couples and to remove the sadness from their face by working for their dreams of starting their own family. Over the last two decades, the Aarogya has successfully treated 5000 cases of infertility with a success rate of 60%. The hospital understands the basic requirements of the couples based on their history and suggests the best treatment to cure it. Dr.Anjali Choudhary, who is the Best infertility specialist in Delhi along with her team, works in the Aarogya to serve the needs of her patients by using the best of technologies.


The hospital maintains decorum and trust with their patients by securing their sensitive information and providing qualitative treatment to reduce their medical expenditure and to increase their chances of having a baby. The hospital offers standard infertility services to their patients and provides them with a soothing environment. To minimise their anxiety and stress, they schedule appointments according to their ease and to provide the utmost care and attention towards their treatment. Before beginning their treatment, they arrange their meeting with the experts for the proper counselling, which allows them to know about their centre. The Aarogya ensures the quality of air required for the transfer of embryos during In-Vitro Fertilization and maintains the quality of air in the labs for the successful treatment of IVF.

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Aarogya Hospital - IVF Centre in Delhi Aarogya Hospital - IVF Centre in Delhi