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Gaudium IVF Centre - Greater Kailash - IVF Centre in Delhi

Gaudium IVF Centre - Greater Kailash

Patient recommendation : 98% Established In : 2008

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About Gaudium IVF Centre - Greater Kailash

Get cure with the issues of infertility with the best IVF centre situated in Delhi. The Gaudium IVF,  developed in 2009, aims at providing utmost happiness and satisfaction to their patients by solving their infertility problems. The centre achieves the highest rank in the list of Top 10 IVF centre due to its tremendous growth and popularity among the people. The motto of the centre lies in delivering motherhood dreams to several mothers who are not able to conceive through a natural process. The head office of the centre is situated in Delhi with its branches in various parts of India. The centre has acclaimed its prominence globally due to its successful deliveries of around 15000 all over the world. It has achieved several awards and honours for its exceptional success and great heights.


The centre offers excellent medical services to its patients and provides latest and advanced technologies for their treatment. The group of Top 10 Infertility Specialist works with the centre and provides the best IVF treatment for the infertile couples. The centre focuses on providing affordable treatment to their patients and put their efforts and hard work in delivering healthy babies to them. The centre has successfully handled their International Patients from all over 30 countries and has achieved the highest success rate of 80% in their IVF cycles. The centre has shown their exceptional performance in delivering healthy babies with the patients of above 45 years of age and are well equipped with the technology of ART[ Assisted Reproductive Technology].


The Gaudium IVF Centre not only deals with the cases of infertility but also conducts great research in the fields of egg freezing and embryo freezing. The doctors at the centre look after the comfort of their patients and provide pleasant surroundings to them. They offer appropriate counselling and support to them to reduce their anxiety and fears. The centre has registered under the guidelines of ICMR and MCI and catered the medical needs of their patients. The medical staff at the centre secures the trust of the patients by offering them solutions for the fertility treatments. The patients put their valuable hope and faith with the centre due to its unparalleled success and records. The centre treats all the patients with the utmost care and attention and provides them with enough space to wait outside the doctor’s clinic. The centre opens for seven days in a week to cure their patients of their problems.

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Gaudium IVF Centre - Greater Kailash - IVF Centre in Delhi Gaudium IVF Centre - Greater Kailash - IVF Centre in Delhi