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International Fertility Centre - IVF Centre in Delhi

International Fertility Centre

Patient recommendation : 98% Established In : 2004

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About International Fertility Centre

International Fertility Centre is the web of more than 10 IVF clinics situated in India and Nepal with the head office in New Delhi. It is founded by the team of Dr Rita Bakshi to assist the couples dealing with the problems of infertility and to provide successful treatment to it. The team examines the root cause of the problems and provides proper treatment to cure it. Established in 2012, International Fertility Centre has gained world-wide excellence for delivering exceptional results in IVF, IUI, ICSI and much more. The centre aims at achieving the dreams of parenthood for the couples. 


With the use of latest inventions and technology, International Fertility Centre adheres to its mission of beginning the families of several couples who deal with the issues of infertility. The IFC never compromise with its quality and delivers the sound output through the use of its equipment which includes the K-system Laminar air flow, Embryoscope, Vitrification unit and Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis for examining the sperms function tests. International ertility center is the Top ivf specialist in delhi which brings out the highest success rate in IVF and IUI cycles. It offers the best fertility treatment designed to have a healthy baby through its assisted reproductive technologies [ART] 


Dr Rita Bakshi developer of International Fertility Centre and Best IVF specialist in Delhi along with her team focuses on the minute details of her patients and produced exceptional results in the cycles of IVF and IUI. The team has helped multiple families to overcome the issues of infertility and complete their dreams. The team comprises highly specialised members such as Embryologists, Vitrification Experts, Counselors, Nurses and Patient Managers who provide complete assurance to the couples for the successful treatment of their pregnancy. 


The Centre provides the treatment at a reasonable price so that couples could afford it and start working on to achieve their dreams. They offer treatments for the issues of IVF, sperms freezing, surrogacy, egg and ovarian freezing, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and much more. The patients recommend IVF because of its extraordinary results and highest success rate. The centre got featured in the media due to its increasing popularity and successful completion of IVF cases by the team of Dr Rita Bakshi. They also assist the issues of their international clients and provide an immediate response to their questions through their live chat agents.

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International Fertility Centre - IVF Centre in Delhi International Fertility Centre - IVF Centre in Delhi