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Neelkanth Hospitals - IVF Centre in Gurugram

Neelkanth Hospitals

Patient recommendation : 88% Established In : 2003

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About Neelkanth Hospitals

Neelkanth Hospitals is the best IVF clinic in Gurugram that gives proper treatment for infertility problems for those couples who are experiencing the issues of their infertility. It is one of the main infertility centres in Gurugram that vows to convey higher success rates in the treatment patterns of IVF and IUI. The team of Dr. Bindu Garg works at the hospital to cure their patients suffering from infertility issues. The motto of the hospital is to provide the best healthcare services to their patients in a pleasant and caring environment. The facility gives best of the medical services to their patients, for example, treatment like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy choices, ICSI, Sperm and Egg retrieval, Blastocyst and much more. Infertility which is a typical issue suffered by the millions of the couple who are not able to conceive through the natural cycle and not able to fulfil their dream of becoming parents to their children.


The Neelkanth hospital understands the importance of children in a life of infertile couples. The hospital delivers the outstanding international quality standard services to their patients and establishes the feeling of positivity and warmness that helps their patients to remove the anxiety and stress. The specialist at the hospital believes that counselling can improve their chances of having a pregnancy which helps them to reduce their anxiety and stress. Dr. Bindu Garg believes that the couple can have higher chances of pregnancy by adjusting their lifestyle, prosperity, attitudes consequently not needing the treatment to fix their anxiety.


The hospital apart from the infertility problems of the couple also provides them with the appropriate treatment for the surrogacy. The hospital had provided their helping hands to the infertile couples who are suffering from the depression and anxiety of not having the baby. The hospital's unparalleled success and highest achievements had made it possible to attain the title of best IVF clinic in Gurugram. The hospital develops an unending relationship with their patients by securing their fragile and individual information. For the comfort of its patients, the clinical facility has a couple of branches all over India and it remains open for seven days in a week. The group at the clinical centre has helped couples to crush down their issues of barrenness and start their own families. The hospital makes use of the best of advanced technologies to achieve better results for their patients.

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Neelkanth Hospitals - IVF Centre in Gurugram Neelkanth Hospitals - IVF Centre in Gurugram