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Cloudnine Hospital - Malad - IVF Centre in Mumbai

Cloudnine Hospital - Malad

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About Cloudnine Hospital - Malad

The Cloudnine Hospital malad is the Best Infertility clinic in mumbai that offers excellent services to its patients. The hospital has been ranked as the number one healthcare services provider in all over the world.  The hospital believes that pregnancy for the woman is one of the magical and biggest experiences of life which nature has given to us. The gift given to us by nature needs to be nurtured and cared not only during its birth but also for the entire period of the pregnancy. The hospital understands the pain and agony of the infertile women who are not able to reproduce even after having unprotected sex with their partner for a long period of time. The hospital offers a wide range of treatment from the Assisted Reproductive Technology[ART] which includes the treatment of IVF, IUI, Pregnancy care, Neonatal care, High-Risk Pregnancy care and much more. The hospital brings utmost satisfaction and contentment to the couples who suffer from the issues of infertility. The hospital has acclaimed its prominence globally due to its successful deliveries and has achieved several awards and honours for its exceptional success and great heights.


The hospital has renowned and reputed IVF specialists who cure the problems of infertility suffered by the couples. Infertility is a problem which is shared by both male and female factors. However, at Cloudnine Hospital malad, the dedicated and highly specialised team of doctors offers proper treatment to cure the problems of infertility. With 85000 births all over the world, Cloudnine has expanded its reach to offer multiple facilities all over the world. They continue to maintain its international standard of care across India. It’s tremendous success, and unparalleled records have made it the Best Infertility clinic in mumbai.


The hospital with the use of advanced technologies ensures the proper treatment to their patients. The highly trained and experienced doctors and staff provide the utmost care and attention to their patients and attend to their needs. The hospital doesn’t compromise with the health of their patients and offers affordable treatment for the common man to promote equality and humanity. The hospital offers standard service to its patients and fulfills the basic amenities of their patients. They provide a soothing environment and good ambience so that patients feel they are at their home. The hospital keeps its cleanliness and etiquette well- maintained for their patients. For the ease of their patients, they have segregated their IVF labs situated on the standard floor and place it in the separate column.

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Cloudnine Hospital - Malad - IVF Centre in Mumbai Cloudnine Hospital - Malad - IVF Centre in Mumbai